A state-of-the-art decision tool

A Tool for Decision Analysis and Interpretation

A State-of-the-Art tool for multi-criteria decision analysis and decision tree modeling with imprecise information

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Envisioning participatory governance of energy transition in Jordan

DecideIT 3.2 pricing

Single user license

  • Initial license fee 1,995 Euro
  • Perpetual license fee / year 995 Euro
  • 3 years license fee 3,500 Euro

Academic single users

  • Initial license fee 200 Euro
  • Perpetual license fee / year 100 Euro

New DecideIT 3.3 beta is released

Download software here:

The 32 or 64 bit versions of DecideIT are dependent on your installed Java version, not the hardware.

In order to fully use the software you need a license key: Order a key here

More about DecideIT (Windows):

  • Free academic use? It is possible to apply for use in specific research projects (in which the use of DecideiT should be mentioned in the project reports).
  • Can I apply for a free demo? If the requirement above is fulfilled, yes.
  • For how long can I use it? There is an initial license fee/user/year and a perpetual license fee/user/year (from the 2nd year).
  • There is also an easy to use webbased application, see:


System Requirements
Operating system: Windows 10 (with Java Runtime Environment)
Processor: 500MHz (may depend on the operating system)
RAM Memory: 512MB (may depend on the operating system)
HDD: 100MB of free hard disk space


Preference’s decision tool DecideIT enables you to carry out reliable decision analyses.

DecideIT packages state-of-the-art decision modelling and evaluation methods in a flexible user interface.

DecideIT is a desktop software that makes our results available for a wide group of professional users of decision analysis. With a graphical user interface allowing for flexible modelling of multi-criteria models and decision trees with uncertain events, also allowing imprecise information, DecideIT is a tool designed for the challenges of decision analysis of complex decision problems in all domains. Instructions are available in a descriptive and thorough manual. We also offer seminars, on-site training and consulting in order for you and your organization to get as much as possible out of DecideIT.

Unique Method with Realistic Requirements of Input

The methods of DecideIT are based on unique algorithms which enable the modeling and evaluation of very complex decision situations, especially in cases where precise information regarding how probable possible consequences are, how good or bad the consequences are, and how weights are distributed among criteria. This often the case in many real-life high impact decisions emerging in policy making or strategic management in all domains.

Why not?

DecideIT empowers you to:

  • Model decisions under risk and with multiple objectives and stakeholders in a common model and framework
  • Identify the best possible course of action given available information and discard inferior alternatives
  • Carry out single and multi-way sensitivity analyses
  • Handle experts with differing opinions
  • Explore the frontiers of computational decision analysis


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