We deliver solutions to companies and authorities to make better and more rational decisions, implement intelligent risk managemen, simulate possible scenarios, and enable advanced automation

Intelligent risk management

All companies and organisations are constantly exposed to risks, both financial and operational risks. For each market segment and situation there is a large number of risks to deal with. The companies and organisations that best and most consciously manage their risks therefore have great advantages as they reduce the probability of unwanted outcomes at a reasonable cost.


Let´s make informed decisions. Today we have access to massive amount of data but what is needed is a tool  for interaction between computers and humans where the two works together

A Decision Tool for Analysis and Interpretation of Complex Decision Situations

A state-of-the-art decision methodologies and mathematical analysis in an efficient and user friendly software.

Our training solution

Learn to create good procedures to safely and quickly make informed and targeted decisions

Preference on IVA´s 100-list

We are since 2019 one of the companies at the 100-list of The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences of succesful research with a high commersial potential.

IVA 100 list 2023:Technology in the service of humanity

Current research projects with the potential to create benefits, through commercialisation, business and methodology development or societal impact. IVA’s 100 list 2022 highlights a variety of research projects from Swedish universities, on the theme of technology in the service of humanity. By building bridges between the research world and the business community, we give research with the potential to change the world a greater chance of being translated into actual benefit.

Our Solutions

We deliver solutions to companies and authorities to make better and more rational decisions, simulate possible scenarios, and enable advanced automation

Smart cities

Make smart choices when developing and implementing the smart city. Which solutions will provide the best results and in a cost effective way?


Organisations and Countries have to find answers to address the convergence of rising demands for energy, fossil fuel depletion, socio-economic development, climate change and political transformation. We can provide an integrated approach for analysing this problem and provide feasible solutions.


Support tools beyond the formal requirements!

Easily manage quantitative and qualitative statements within the same framework.

DecideIT  — A State-of-the-Art Expert Tool for Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

DecideIT is for experts and is closely matched to the PDMP methodology, though it would be more accurate to say that we built the software in accordance with the needs of the methodology. The main strength of both the methodology and the software is that they can manage imprecise information, in the form of rank orderings, comparative statements and intervals.

Our methodology, unlike many others, doesn’t demand time-consuming stipulation of refinements unless these are absolutely necessary, which they almost never are.

Helision  — Web-based Decision Analysis Tool

Helision is an easy-to-use web based application as it requires no previous experience, still based on the same state-of-the-art decision methodology and mathematical analysis as DecideIT.

Helision will give better support for the whole decision process as it guides you through the sometimes complicated decision process. Helision also helps you frame a complex decision together with colleauges and enables for a shared understanding of different stakeholders and their decision objectives.

Helision includes a family of methods and procedures that are used for representing and analyzing imprecise, vague, and incomplete probabilistic decision and risk problems and/or when a criteria hierarchy is present. Decision makers can state the problems simply with the precision the decision-makers feel they have evidence for. Probabilities, values (utilities), criteria weights with belief distributions over them, and optimization procedures for fast evaluation of decision rules with respect to such statements are determined and analyzed.

We develop and apply world leading methodologies for risk and decision analysis in order to advise corporations and organizations to make wise and rational decisions. Kjell Borking

CEO, Preference

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