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Love Ekenberg

1962 - 2022

On September 19, Love, one of the founders of Preference, left us after a period of illness. He was active until the end, among other things with an online course Digital Transformation in an Organisational Context. The course is aimed at doctoral students worldwide and the purpose is to provide tools to understand and exploit what organisational goals can be and what it means to work strategically to achieve them as well as how digitalisation can contribute to operations in a strategic way at different levels. 


Love’s focus was on how mathematics and logical systems thinking can contribute to better decisions and increased societal benefit in a variety of seemingly disparate societal areas such as nuclear energy, financial risk assessment, and community planning. Love’s work embodies the spirit of freedom that characterises, and in many ways is a prerequisite for, the accelerating digitalisation of society.


His educational and scientific leadership was based on the conviction that open knowledge sharing and free thinking are the bases for the development of society. In addition, he was deeply committed to addressing society’s major challenges in a democratic way, supported by logical, objective, and socially sustainable decisions, in Sweden as well as internationally.


Love Ekenberg was a researcher who was not afraid to take on difficult tasks. At UNESCO, he was leading the effort to build a system of large-scale higher education in southern Africa that will multiply the population’s access to knowledge and, in the long term, is also expected to boost the region’s economic development. Last but not least, Love was always highly appreciated and an extremely fun colleague to work with regardless of tasks. From his open hearted character and his including sense of humour he quickly made friends regardless of nationality, background, and age. 


For Preference, Love has given us the right scientific and moral direction, and he leaves a very large void.


Thank you, Love, for all that you have given us at Preference.

Meet the Team

Kjell Borking


Kjell has vast experience from the Swedish and international IT market. Kjell’s area of competence is business development, management and development. He has been active in the IT business since 1967 and started many successful companies in IT. The first one in 1976 exploiting the then new relational databases (1022), one producing a maintenance management package sold all over the world, 1995 a company developing software for Business intelligence/Data warehousing. In 2002 he formed a management consulting company combining management consulting skills with business intelligence techniques to implement the visions.

Love Ekenberg

Professor Dr. UNESCO Chair

Love is a specialist in risk and decision analysis. Love has an extensive experience from a diversity of sectors, such as decision making in societal end environmental planning, risk modelling and analysis from the telecom sector and evaluations of strategies for insurance policies. He has done extensive assignments in logic verification of complex industrial systems, particularly for the Swedish nuclear industry. He also has substantial experience of project management in large national and international projects and is the author of well over 200 scholarly articles and books on these and related areas. He is PHD in Mathematics, full Professor of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University as well as Senior research scholar at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Austria.

Aron Larsson

Professor Dr. Vice Director of eGovLab

Aron works as a consultant with a focus on the development of applicable methods and models of analysis in the area of risk and decision analysis. Aaron is a specialist in methods and processes for multi-criteria analysis and decision problems with multiple stakeholders. He has conducted risk and decision analysis projects in several areas such as investment, environmental measures, traffic, mine and energy. He is also working on the development of the decision tool DecideIT and as a researcher at Stockholm University in the development and applications of computer-based methods for risk and decision analysis in the community. Aaron is an associate professor of computer science with a specialization decision theory and artificial intelligence, as well as an MBA from Industrial Economics.

Jim Idefeldt

PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences

Jim is a management consultant with a focus on strategic risk and decision analysis. Jim has a MSc. and an MBA from Industrial Management and Engineering and also possesses a Ph.D. in risk and decision analysis. Jim is also responsible for the development of the decision tool DecideIT and spin offs thereof.

Jim is currently working as Head of B2B Analytics in Telia Sweden. For over six years Jim worked with predictive modelling for the Intrum group, developing scorecards and strategies supporting the collection business. During the last two years at Intrum he was in charge of all scoring related activities in the Intrum group, consisting of 25 countries. Before that Jim was working as a senior financial analyst within the international market of purchase debts for several years.


Mats Danielson

Senior advisor to the president at Stockholm University. Scientific Advisor, Preference AB

Mats has many years of experience as an IT and management consultant and has created and developed large-scale software systems in such areas as risk and decision analysis. He has also designed nationwide ICT systems, including systems for electronic commerce. Mats holds a PhD from the Royal Institute of Technology and is currently a Full Professor at Stockholm University (SU) conducting research in Information Technology and Decision Analysis at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences. He also has a business degree from SU. He has written over one hundred scientific papers in risk and decision analysis and other areas.


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