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We deliver solutions to companies and authorities to make better and more rational decisions, intelligent risk management, and enable advanced automation.

Free e-books to read about our methodology. Note the Open Access terms of use.

Transcending Business Intelligence. This is a popular introduction to decision support systems, business intelligence, and decision making in general. Very valuable if you want yourself and your organisation to make wiser and better-informed decisions, now and in the future.

A Decision-Analytic Manifesto – Ekenberg & Danielson. This is a more specialised mathematical book about the foundations of the DecideIT software. DecideIT rests on more than 20 years of advanced research which is summarised in a fairly light-weight format, although some integrals will show up halfway into the book.

The following two books are written by Preference staff members and are made available for free in e-book format. They deal with decision making and analysis using our methodologies. See links below to the publishers’ websites.

Real-Life Decision-Making

Errata list Real-Life Decision-Making


Digital Transformation
Understanding Business Goals, Risks, Processes, and Decisions.


Intelligent risk management read more

Six steps to wise decisions read more


Why Preference?
Preference develops methods for structuring complex, ill-structured problems in a format that is intuitive and easy to understand, transparent as well as easy to change.

This format takes into account both qualitative inputs based on experiences, opinions, and hypotheses along with quantitative data  in both small and large amounts.

Our patented algorithms based on multi-year research work to provide recommendations on the best possible decision-making options by using inputs organized in the format above.

Several of our employees have a doctorate in Computer Science and Mathematics, as well as long experience from leading major projects and advice in risk and decision analysis for large companies.


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