Risk Analysis

The Preference methods for operational risk analysis, risk quantification, and evaluation of mitigation strategies

Our methods of using risk analysis for decision analysis is unique in the sense that they do not require unrealistic precision of the input data, information with high precision can be treated in the same model that information with less precision. Preference applies both formal computable methods and conducting more qualitative studies to analyze and identify the risks associated with different activities.

Video about risk handeling (Swedish Intelligent Riskhantering

The risk analysis is a part of a decision analytic process of a decision under risk where it is important to avoid unwanted risks. In other cases, it is desirable to obtain a risk assessment made in the context of a situation analysis.

  • Our tools and methods allow for interval-valued estimates of probabilities, risks, and consequence values
  • Our tools and methods allow for rankings of likelihoods, consequences, and objective importance as well as identifying the best option
  • State-of-the-art algorithms for aggregating and evaluating a large number of risks

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