Decision Analysis

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In order to fully evaluate different courses of action and to avoid unnecessary and unconscious risk exposure, it is wise to employ a structured working process. Preference supports you in analysing decision situations and streamlining decision processes where uncertainty, risk, and conflicting objectives prevail.


Sectors at present commonly exploiting the benefits of risk and decision analysis include banking & finance, insurance, healthcare, oil & gas, management consulting, the pharma industry, environmental consulting and project management.

The purpose of the decision analysis is to improve the ability of one or more decision makers to make more informed decisions.
  • The clearly defined work processes identify the elements of the decision-making. Preference Decision Management Process ™ enables tailored and structured decision analysis.
  • The decision maker gets a good overview of the decisions material and significantly enhances the ability to get a clear overall view of the problem.
  • In the process it will be clear if more information is necessary before an informed decision can be made.
  • Other benefits include that the decision is documented and that the decision data easily can be reviewed and adjusted. It facilities also the old decision can be revisited and reevaluated.

Preference staff have many years of experience in successful decision analysis projects and could have a critical impact on the success of a project. Contact Preference if you want to use decision analytical methods in your organization.


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