Good analysis and good decision-makers are not a guarantee for good decisions
Every day key people make wrong decisions on critical issues, despite the fact that they have both the knowledge and experience required.

The next training session here in Stockholm is the 

Preference Six Step Decision Process

Currently there is a lot of discussion about the risks of AI making decisions for us humans. There is even talk that AI could eradicate humans. This is where thinking should be nuanced. AI is typically an expansion of our System 1 for thinking fast, but we humans also have a System 2 for thinking slow. What we need is also to support our System 2 in decision making.  (If the concepts of System 1 and System 2 are unfamiliar, here is an explanation.)

We offer a three-day course on how to create a decision-making process that ensures that we also connect our System 2. 

The next course is from 22 to 24 January in Stockholm. The course costs 1,500 euros but also includes a license to use our SaS decision analysis tool “Helision” for one year, worth 2,500 euros. Lunch and coffee are included.

Short description of the course content

Day 1
Biases and Basic Decision theory
Decision Analysis components 
Preference’s 6 steps of decision modeling, steps 1-2
Day 2
Preference’s 6 steps of decision modeling, steps 3-6
Understand how to work in the multi-criteria decision tool Helision
Day 3
Modeling exercise
How to manage a decision-making process
Wrap up

Date 22 to 24 January 2024,  Click to Register


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