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Helision on IVA´s 100-list 2023

On the 10´th of May 2022, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) published 2023 year 100 list. Where selected research projects from Swedish universities will be presented.  All of them considered to have great potential to be of actual benefit.

Read at IVA (Swedish)

Summary of the research

Most large organisations face a large number of complex decisions as a result of transitions in energy supply, supply chains, climate adaptation and digitalisation. These decisions have multiple objectives, which often conflict with each other, as well as multiple stakeholders whose interests may also conflict with each other.

Helision is a web-based and customisable group decision-making tool that streamlines the structuring, communication and evaluation of decision options for such problems.

About the 100 list

    The 100 list is produced by the IVA project Research2Business, R2B, which works for Sweden to be a leader in transforming academic research, in technical and economic sciences, into innovation and competitiveness in business. IVA’s 100 list was launched in connection with IVA’s 100th anniversary in 2019, hence the name. The project is run in collaboration with Vinnova, PRV, Teknikföretagen, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the Knowledge Foundation, Almi and Swedish colleges and universities.



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