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Preference will present again this year at IVA’s R2B Summit 2023.

This year’s edition of R2B Summit is a full-day event that takes place on 4 October 2023 at 7A Posthuset in Stockholm. R2B Summit is a unique meeting place for exchanging experiences and sharing perspectives to create new innovations and business opportunities together. The programme is aimed at those in a senior position with responsibility for innovation, research and development in a company or organisation and those who represent a research project on IVA’s 100 list in 2023.

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During the day, there will be several opportunities to gain insight into the research projects included in IVA’s 100 list 2023. The overall theme of the list is Technology in the service of humanity and this year’s participating projects are mainly in the areas of climate change, energy supply, welfare technology, cyber security and crisis preparedness. All 79 research projects selected for the 100 list have great potential to create benefits through, for example, industrial commercialisation, business and method development or societal impact. During the Summit, the research projects are represented by their representatives who seek contact with the business community and the surrounding society regarding the continued development, application and utilisation of their research.


The programme begins with an interview with IVA President Marcus Wallenberg. A panel of investors shares perspectives, connections and experiences of getting involved in research projects. Professor Mathias Uhlén gives a speech; in addition to being one of Sweden’s most renowned researchers, he is also a serial entrepreneur. To date, he has started 20 companies, three of which are listed on the stock exchange. Mathias Uhlén is also the brain behind the so-called Protein Atlas, with millions of microscopic images of the human body, all available to the general public via some 15 million web pages.


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