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Preference on IVA´s 100-list 2021

Today 10´th of May 2021, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) this year’s 100 list. The selected research projects from Swedish colleges and universities are all considered to have great potential to be of actual benefit. The focus is on preparedness for, and society’s ability to handle, crises. 7 of the 51 research projects come from Stockholm University.

One of those  research projects will be put into commercial usage by Preference. 

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Under the heading Samhälle och välfärd, you will find our project Rationell krishantering och policyformering

Summary  of the research:

The Mankind has a number of cognitive limitations. Many people give up and think that something becomes clearer because they simplify a difficult problem into something they belive that they can understand more quickly, but it is often a bad strategy. Our research and tools focus on how to relatively easily handle difficult problems where different types of information can be included in structuring, analysis and evaluation of risk management and decision basis for support in decisions in societies and organizations. This has been applied, for example, to urban development, national Covid management, gold mining vs environmental impacts, policies to find sustainable models for water and energy supply and much more.

The choice of theme for this year’s 100 list is a direct result of the corona pandemic

Many of the challenges posed by the pandemic are linked to crisis preparedness and our ability to deal with crises. But the research on this year’s 100 list is not limited to pandemics, but also addresses other societal crises such as wars / geopolitical conflicts, natural disasters, financial crises, cyber attacks, or water, energy, raw materials, components and skills shortages.

The 51 research projects on IVA’s 100 list 2021 are selected to create value for companies or society in the form of knowledge, processes, products and business development. The research is applicable in one of the areas:

  • Smart industry
  • Circular economy
  • Society and welfare
  • Infrastructure
  • Business models
  • Green industries

About the 100 list

The 100 list is produced by the IVA project Research2Business, R2B, which works for Sweden to be a leader in transforming academic research, in technical and economic sciences, into innovation and competitiveness in business. IVA’s 100 list was launched in connection with IVA’s 100th anniversary in 2019, hence the name. The project is run in collaboration with Vinnova, PRV, Teknikföretagen, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the Knowledge Foundation, Almi and Swedish colleges and universities.



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